Waltraud wagner          Irene Leidolf           Maria Gruber      Stephanija Meyer
        kristen gilbert                         Jane toppan                      Genene jones
  waltraud wagner         irene leidolf           maria gruber       stephaniya meyer

Episode 1: Angels of Death

Angels of death prey on the weak; they usually kill infants, children, or elderly patients. Those who are put in their care meet a horrific end. These predators enjoy the power of holding life and death in their hands.

at trial
Meyer, gruber, leidolf, wagner
episode 2: tiffany marie souers

Tiffany Marie Souers was a beautiful, driven, accomplished young woman attending Clemson University for civil engineering. In 2006, she was brutally attacked and murdered by a convicted sex offender with a long history of prior offenses. Her killer, Jerry Buck Inman, was convicted and sentenced to death in 2009.

Takahiro Shiraishi's Twitter profile

Takahiro Shiraishi

Shogo Nishinaka

Many of the victims' pictures are not recent due to privacy; many are from elementary school.

episode 3: zama murders

In 2017, Takahiro Shiraishi murdered and mutilated 9 people in Zama, Japan. Eight of his victims were young women who had been contemplating suicide; the last was one of the victims' friends who had been trying to find her. 

Shiraishi's apartment is circled in red; Camp Zama is in blue

episode 4: kitakyushu murders

The Kitakyushu Serial Murder Incident, also referred to as the Kitakyushu Confinement Murder Case is so disturbing that the Japanese media was not willing to report the details.

Futoshi Matsunaga is responsible for brainwashing, torturing, and killing at least seven people. Matsunaga committed these crimes alongside Junko Ogata, his common-law wife whom he also abused.

Futoshi Matsunaga                 Junko ogata

apartment building where murders took place

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